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Engineering Services

SMP offers a full range of engineering design and analysis services. Chick below to view our product design and automation equipment deleopment capabilities.

SaniAssist™ Hands-Free Door Pull

Chick here for information and how to order SMP's SaniAssist Sanitary Door Pull Adapter.

Bacterial Contamination

The SMP SaniAssist™ Hands-Free Door Pull will allow the opening of washroom and public building doors without using hands to touch a germ infested door handle.


SMP Tech, Inc. continues to differentiate itself as a development firm by providing complete turnkey engineering design and product manufacturing services. Our services go beyond the engineering basis to conceptualize, create specifications, design, prototype, validate and ramp your product successfully into manufacturing. At SMP, we work smart and design technically complex devices that work the first time. We offer comprehensive engineering and manufacturing services in breakthrough technology. Our rock solid ten steps of development process reduces your risks by minimizing the chances of design glitches and product failures. Our engineers, industrial designers, manufacturing specialists, and support staff combine their collective knowledge and expertise to solve your most technically challenging technology, product and equipment needs. Tom Roberts SMP Tech, Inc. CFO


SMP Tech, Inc. was founded in April of 1990. During the first five years, we concentrated on engineering design projects. In 1998, we expanded our services to include pilot production. In October of 2000 we moved to Morgan Hill, California. In October of 2004, we expanded our engineering and manufacturing services through the formation of strong alliances with a number of specialized engineering and manufacturing firms. In July of 2018 we moved to Elk Grove, California. Today, SMP continuous to provide the same expert level of contact engineering and manufacturing services. In 2020 SMP started using our design expertise to design and sell our own proprietary products. In November of 2020 we started offering our SaniAssist Hands-Free Sanitary Door Pull Assembly for sale. Click here for a full description of the Hand-Free Door Pull Handle.


Message from Ann Roberts, CFO of SMP

Commercial success in technology is based on a simultaneous convergence of many technical elements. With few exceptions, the skills necessary to advance a technical approach from a theoretical concept to a widely commercialized product must be brought together from diverse, seemingly unrelated professional disciplines. Many promising advanced technology products have failed to reach market due to unawareness of specific design elements, despite their innovativeness and technical superiority. Our engineering knowledge and experience in equipment development and product design will help to avert many of the obvious pitfalls that can derail an engineering project.