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"Meet the Experts"
Nitinol Properties and Unique Behavior
for Medical and Advanced Product Design

September 14 , 2011

The "Meet the Experts" Nitinol Properties and Unique Behavior for Medical and Advanced Product Design Forum will feature Todd Dickson, president of Lumenous Device Technologies; Dr. T. Kim Parnell, founder of Parnell Engineering and Consulting; and Pricesca Ene, managing director of Ni-Ti Tubes, Inc.

10:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We will hold a door prize drawing and complimentary lunch for all attendees.



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"Meet the Experts" Nitinol Properties and Unique Behavior
for Medical and Advanced Product Design

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The Nitinol Properties and Unique Behavior
for Medical and Advanced Product Design Presentation Overview:

Todd Dickson:

Todd Dickson is co-founder and President of Lumenous Device Technologies, Inc., a medical device manufacturer specializing in micro-scale implants, including coronary and neurovascular stents. He will speak on the design and assembly of Nitinol products, including case histories with application data.



Todd Dickson is the cofounder and president of Lumenous Device Technologies, Inc. Lumenous is a highly experienced medical device manufacturer and a pioneer in machining Nitinol. Combining their laser-micromanufacturing experience with their design expertise, Lumenous delivers quality medical products such as neurovascular stents.

Lumenous is ISO 9001 and 13485 certified, providing laser cutting, shapesetting, quality systems engineering, metrology and inspection and statistical process control. These skill sets have "served over 150 customers since 1995."

Dr. T. Kim Parnell:

Dr. Parnell will speak on the fundamentals of how Nitinol works and show examples of Nitinol applications in the medical field. Also, he will discuss how to use CAD modeling and virtual prototype simulations when designing products based with Nitinol.


Dr. Kim Parnell is principal/founder of PEC, an engineering consulting firm that focuses on providing expertise for medical device and other high-tech companies. He specializes in mechanical design, reliability, and failure of complex systems. Dr. Parnell is an expert in the application of simulation and finite element analysis (FEA) to the solution of engineering problems and consults actively in these areas, with an emphasis on medical device design, failure analysis and reliability. He is an adjunct professor in Mechanical Engineering at Santa Clara University and previously served as a visiting associate professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford University.

Dr. Parnell spent 13 years with Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, and was a senior managing engineer. He has extensive experience in the medical device industry, having led projects for certification of devices, evaluation of patent issues and incident investigation.

Dr. Parnell holds Ph.D. and MSME degrees from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering and a BES from Georgia Tech. He is a registered professional mechanical engineer in the state of California.

Princesca Ene :

Princesca Ene will speak on the physical characteristics and processing requirements of Nitinol Products. She will also discuss welding and the mechanical properties of Nitinol such as grain size, surface roughness, and phase transition temperatures.


Princesca Ene is the managing director of Ni-Ti Tubes, Inc. Ni-Ti Tubes was founded for the purpose of providing high quality Nitinol Tubing to the medical device industry. With over 20 years of combined experience in the medical device industry, Ni-Ti Tubes has a deep understanding of the need of medical device companies.

Ni-Ti Tubes offers consulting services, macroetching, surface evaluation, AF testing and tensile evaluation to ensure quality Nitinol Tubing. Furthermore, the processes are streamlined in order to quickly meet their customers' needs.

Princesca Ene has a MS in Chemical Engineering from University of California, Berkeley and a BS in Chemistry from University of Ottowa.

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